ChipHack EDSAC Challenge - Hebden Bridge 6/9/2017

When: 6th Sep 2017, 00:00 - 6th Sep 2017, 23:59
Where: Hebden Bridge
Town/City: Hebden Bridge
Organiser: BCS Open Source Specialist Group
Further Information: Further Information

ChipHack EDSAC Challenge is a workshop spanning two-and-a-half days to introduce a new generation to silicon chip design and the historic EDSAC computer.

This workshop is suited to complete beginners, as well as people who are experienced chip designers.

With modern low cost FPGA boards silicon chip design is accessible to the individual engineer, whether professional, hobbyist or student.

This workshop starts from the basics (a chip design to flash an LED), works through more complex functionality (UART transmitter and receiver) and concludes by bringing up a complete processor.

The workshop will be built around a reimagining of EDSAC (designed by BCS founding President, Prof. Sir Maurice Wilkes) using modern technology. The workshop will use the MyStorm FPGA board, a modern low-cost board for educational use.

Through low cost manufacturing and the availability of low cost FPGAs, more and more devices - particularly in Internet of Things (IoT) - are incorporating custom silicon designs. The goal of ChipHack is to grow a new community of silicon chip designers. In addition, the use of EDSAC will build a new generation who understand the importance of such early computers to modern technology.

In past workshops the processor has been OpenRISC, but for this special event we shall use a reimagining of the EDSAC computer to commemorate the work of BCS founder president, Prof. Sir Maurice Wilkes.

Members of the Computer Conservation Society, who had personal experience of EDSAC, will be giving talks during this event.

As a legacy for the future, all talks will be recorded and a documentary will be produced. These will be made freely available under open source licenses.
Chip Hack EDSAC Challenge is sponsored by the BCS Open Source Specialist Group and Computer Conservation Society.

Production by Embecosm.

Please note that delegates under the age of 16 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.