Swift Driven Development

When: 1st Nov 2017, 18:30 - 1st Nov 2017, 20:00
Where: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA
Town/City: London
Organiser: BCS Software Practice Advancement Specialist Group
Price: Free
Further Information: Further Information

Refreshments and sandwiches from 18:00.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM begins at 18:15 (BCS SPA members only) and will be followed at 18:30 or soon after by the presentation.

Swift Driven Development

TDD has not been as central to iOS (and Mac) ecosystems as in some others. Phil Nash argues that not only is it an important and valuable tool to have in your toolkit, but Swift brings some things to the table to turbocharge it even more - so don't miss out!

Phil intends to deconstruct TDD and rebuild it in the context of Swift - and the tools around Swift - in order to show how we can stream-line the process of writing and working with tests. Controversially, he questions whether you even need the tests at all to do TDD! It's going to be fun.

About the Presenter

PHIL NASH is a Developer Advocate for Swift, Objective-C and C++ tools at JetBrains.

Prior to that he worked in as diverse fields as finance, agile coaching and iOS development. A long-time C++ developer, he also has his feet in Swift, Objective-C, and F# - as well as dabbling in other languages.

He is the author of several open source projects - most notably Catch: a C++ and Objective-C-native test framework - and had the first version of the strategy board game, Risk, in the iOS app store.