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Service Introduction projects have a way of reminding me of the tea machine in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Fans will recall how the “book” describes its amazing technology, which when any creature presses the button, sends impulses up the customer’s neural paths to its pleasure centres ascertaining what refreshment the creature had in mind.
Funny how priorities can suddenly change. I met up with my friend and former colleague, Emily, the other day. She was one of the PMs on a programme that I helped out on in its early days for a famous Government customer, which involved putting IT-shaped things into big, ugly, sandy-coloured vehicles.
According to Genna Singpo of FDM Group (IT Services and recruitment specialists), the IT industry has NOT suffered excessively during the recession. In many areas it has in fact grown, providing excellent growth potential with demand for IT consultants far outstripping supply.
Welcome to a brave new and austere world. The Axeman has beeneth and announced what will be some heavy cuts to public sector departments in some areas, and what appears to have been quite light in others.
That's the problem with being a senior civil servant. The government can change, and so do your priorities.
The world of IT is changing - thanks largely to The Cloud - and with it the descriptions of (or buzzwords for) what we deliver as IT or project managers.
Over the festive period, many of the trusty old favourite films were prominent in the TV listings. One in particular often makes me think about that oft used buzzword in project management: Leadership.
No prizes for guessing where that comes from. It is interesting though to think about how communications in everyday life and in the world of projects have changed in recent years.
Sometimes you are lucky enough to be a Project Manager working on one project. But what happens when, like many of us, you have to work on multiple projects or initiatives at the same time?
Blog entries have been like buses on here. You wait for ages for one, and then three appear in short succession! This one considers the nature of regulation in professional bodies, and ensuring consumer value.

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