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Most of the commentary on the crisis in the economics disciplines since the credit crunch has focussed on the problems within banking and insurance.
One of the criticisms made of the IT discipline is the obscurity of our jargon and the proliferation of TLAs. The truth is that all disciplines and professions have their jargon words and phrases. Jargon is very useful and within a community can be very effective.
Social Media has within the consumer space has been a defining phase in the evolution of the IT Industry. The speed and scale of the growth of Facebook, Bebo and the like has been quite breathtaking.
To an economist, a pessimist is someone who has successfully called the last 2 recessions nine times.
Over the last few years there has been much talk and policy development around the notions of media literacy and information literacy. Within this arena, our ability to access and navigate vast data spaces has created giant companies with powerful brands.
Recently I returned from a trip abroad and switched on my PC. After only 8 days away the number of components needing updating (Windows / Office / Norton / Adobe / HP / Safari / iTunes..) combined to break my personal record.
The world became a sadder place on 11 May 2001, with the death of the much loved Douglas Adams at the age of 49.
Continuing a theme from my last post, I had the great pleasure to be at the launch of the British Library’s Science Fiction exhibition, Out of this World.
Financial Services is one of the most important sectors for investment in IT. It employs a very large number of skilled individuals and makes a huge impact on the UK and global economy for good or ill.
Like many admirers of Apple, I hope that Steve Jobs can find strength and courage and some luck in his fight against cancer. I wish him well.

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