Here are some things that caught my less than photographic eye at CES 2015, but you'll get the gist. Are they useless or do they have utility? Your call.

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Mecanno for the robot age!

Kodak Baby Monitor

Are you a data-driven parent?
Sometimes the marketing messages were a bit annoying...

The No Charge Smartwatch

Are you winding me up?

Tennis Counter

Wearables are big at CES 2015, and some are jolly specific.
Table tennis anyone?

Zits Labs Robotic Printer

Zits labs mini robotic printer, which i enjoyed watching crawl around the paper, but struggled to visual much use beyond the 'aaaaah' factor.

Brother Sewing Machine

Whatever happened to good old fashioned needlepoint?

iChoices ECG Vest

Ichoice life ecg vest doesn't look comfy and is, apparently, resistant to ironing

AI Robot

AI brain Inc intend this as a tool to help children learn AI, which is a laudable goal. Still, I'm a bit worried about racial sensitivities here....


The winner of CES's little-known 'router that looks most like a dead beetle' award.

Felt iPhone Case

A felt iPhone case. Now that is innovation.

Smart Battery Case

Smart battery case, predicts when your phone is low and automatically recharges it. There were quite a few of these at the show, and whilst mobile battery life is still pitiful, the utility is clear! N.B. My new iPhone 6 battery life is substantially better than my previous 4S.

Gtar 16 Fret Teaching Tool

Gtar 16 fret teaching tool for finger placement on strings. This looks like it could be a really useful teaching tool and once you've learnt it can also be used as a controller to trigger other sounds

USB Type C 3.1

A proper techie thing: USB type C 3.1, two way power 100 watts, essentially a power network. 10 gigabits / sec.

Cooker Hob

A concept of the cooker of the future, with a recipe projection capability in spitting distance of the hob...frying pan spitting I mean.

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