IT experts are being recruited into secondary school classrooms in England to support computer science teachers and disadvantaged pupils. That's thanks to a new partnership between the tech professional body, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, along with the Hg Foundation - a charity that provides help for students from under-represented groups to get a career in the sector, and support from Microsoft.

BCS announced the efforts to bring Microsoft’s TEALS (Technology Education and Learning Support) (TEALS) Program to pupils in England for the first time. Schools and volunteers are being identified and selected ahead of an autumn start.

The TEALS Program has been running in the United States since 2009 and has helped over 100,000 students receive computer science learning pathways. It is also available to pupils in Canada, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Kenya and India.

As part of the TEALS Program, volunteers must have a degree in computer science, or equivalent industry experience. They will be brought into schools to support teachers, particularly non-specialists, who teach Computing at Key Stage 3 (ages 11 to 14) and Computer Science GCSE at Key Stage 4. Volunteers can also help boost pupils’ employability skills by linking learning to the world of work and providing enrichment sessions such as connections with employers.

With this commitment, Microsoft is providing financial support, a wealth of TEALS resources and best practices, volunteers and the advice and guidance of the team behind TEALS in the US. The Hg Foundation is co-funding TEALS and its evaluation and helping the programme to establish in the UK context. BCS will help deliver the scheme via its Computing at School (CAS) network of teachers.

TEALS empowers students

Julia Adamson, MD for Education and Public Benefit at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, said: "We're very excited to be working with Microsoft and the Hg Foundation, combining our resources and expertise to advance computing education in the UK. It's vital that everyone has enough knowledge and understanding to navigate the opportunities and challenges technology brings. TEALS empowers students by enriching computing lessons and enhancing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers.

"We believe this proven programme will increase access to high-quality computing lessons, boost students' knowledge and skills, and improve their understanding of digital careers."

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James Turner, CEO of the Hg Foundation, said, "Supporting teachers to make computer science lessons as engaging and relevant as possible is crucial if we want more young people, especially from under-represented backgrounds, to consider careers in technology.

"We are delighted to support the English pilot of the TEALS Program. With a huge shortage of computer science specialists in schools, especially those serving the poorest communities, the programme has the potential to make a significant difference."

Hugh Milward, Vice President External Affairs at Microsoft said: “Students will inherit a world transformed by AI. Understanding how AI works and harnessing it to become a creator, not simply a user, must be a foundational part of every young person’s learning in the UK. Innovative partnerships like this give our teachers the human support and real-world experience they need to skill our young people for great jobs and ensure AI delivers for all. We know this has worked in the US and can’t wait to get started in classrooms across the country.”

IT Professionals and employers who want to get involved in volunteering for this programme can contact the TEALS team at BCS on


  • Support will be planned under the direction of the teacher and across a whole school year. The aim is to transfer subject knowledge from volunteers to teachers and to support pupil engagement and attainment.
  • TEALS UK is the Microsoft TEALS Program delivered in the UK by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and Computing at School (CAS), with support from Microsoft and The Hg Foundation.

About The Hg Foundation

The Hg Foundation's vision is that the tech workforce of the future harnesses the talents of all, regardless of background. It does this by supporting education and employment-based programmes across the UK, USA and Europe, where it can demonstrate measurable, long-term and scalable impact and make a difference to those that need it most. To date, it has committed $17m to programmes that will reach 15,000 young people and adults from under-represented backgrounds. The Hg Foundation is registered Charity no. 1189216.

About CAS

Computing at School (CAS) is part of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. It is a grassroots community of educators working together to support teachers and ensure every child has the opportunity to have a world-leading computing education. Since 2012, CAS has supported over 40,000 teachers, academics and others passionate about computing education. It has helped more than 11,500 individuals actively participate in the community.