In response to a recent article Penny Duquenoy, manager of the BCS Ethics Forum talks about BCS's plans.

The BCS Ethics Forum has taken a lead in coordinating action from within the BCS - its forums and specialist groups - and from authoritative external bodies in order to be able to address the issues of green IT in a coherent and practical way, adopting an approach that has involved BCS professionals, industry and government to provide an informed and substantive strategy to what is an extremely complex picture.

In establishing the Carbon Footprint Working Group, in close association with the chair and secretary of the Data Centre Specialist Group, the BCS has made a significant contribution to professional efforts on this front that include: a white paper (to be published in June), crucial input to EU Codes of Conduct (for data centres), sponsorship of BCS approved green IT events and work in progress with leading UK interest groups. As a result of this work the BCS is seen as an authoritative and impartial player, with a serious commitment to taking a responsible position on green issues.

As well as working at a national level, the Carbon Footprint Working Group is aware of the need for best practice guidelines for the IT professional, and these are currently under development. The group is aiming to provide sound advice, rather than adopting a quick fix approach, and this takes time.

In the meantime, we are in the process of setting up a discussion area for members to exchange their views and best practice with each other - watch this space...