A memorandum of understanding has been signed between BCS and the IT Ukraine Association as the tech industry continues to be one of the few sectors to thrive in Ukraine.

The latest figures from the IT Ukraine Association show the tech industry has continued to grow and maintain its position as a major IT powerhouse in Europe. Despite the conflict, the country's computer services industry generated US$5.5 billion in exports so far this year, up by almost 13 per cent on the previous year, with exports to the UK second after the USA. Overall, the industry's turnover was US$6.8 billion in 2021.

The two organisations signed the MoU at a joint event at the BCS' London office attended by Ukraine's Ambassador to the UK, Vadim Prystaiko, the IT Ukraine Association's Executive Director, Konstantin Vasyuk and the BCS CEO, Rashik Parmar.


The Ukrainian Ambassador, who has a computer science degree, said the signing of the MoU was an important step as it went beyond "natural sympathy" for the plight of the people of Ukraine.

Mr Prystaiko added: "We want companies to understand their support isn't only about coming to us out of the kindness of their hearts, but also because we have something to bring to UK firms and their stakeholders – our expertise."

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Open for business

BCS' CEO Rashik Parmar MBE welcomed the Ambassador's "personal passion for IT and the industry". He said the MoU would help Ukrainian IT firms succeed in the UK: "Ukraine is open for business, and the memorandum of understanding allows us to build a mutually beneficial relationship. There's so much talent there. By building this network, we can draw on our relationships to help them, and learn from their expertise, including what it takes to be brave and courageous."

He added the collaboration between the two tech membership organisations would also be significant when addressing issues such as climate change.

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The IT Ukraine Association's Executive Director, Konstantin Vasyuk, said: "Our sector is resilient, strong, and flexible despite the war. We're the only export industry in Ukraine still expanding by double-digit figures. Despite the difficult circumstances, IT professionals continued to deliver on projects. The IT industry pays taxes, and we've donated half a million dollars to the army and humanitarian causes. We want to keep growing and supporting our economy, defenders, and citizens by ensuring we are still competitive on the global market."

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For you

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The Head of Global Affairs at Sigma Software Group, Alexandra Govorukha, presented a case study. She shared her company's experience of working with the UK market and promoting synergy between both tech sectors.

She said: "Ukrainian companies understand the UK business culture, and we are compliant. We also know how to deal with a challenging situation - and to deliver on time."

BCS will continue to hold joint events with the IT Ukraine Association, and Mr Parmar added: "We want to stand together with Ukraine and make a difference."

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IT Ukraine Association can be contacted here: IT Ukraine Association website | LinkedInFacebook

Photo: Rashik Parmar with Konstantin Vasyuk