Some people choose a particular career pathway and ease into the day-to-day workings of their role as if they were born for it. We all remember a Nurse or Teacher, for instance, who seemed so natural in their position.

That fine line between professional excellence, working towards bringing out the best in yourself and true career happiness is what we all strive for. By understanding your qualities and strengths, you can encourage a positive, tailor made career choice that makes you shine.

Who I am

It sounds basic, but asking yourself the simple questions, 'Who am I and what am I all about?' is a great starting point. Whether you are out of work or in work and seeking a more rounded and thorough grasp of a career suited to your strengths, we suggest you begin by reviewing your CV in detail. This will provide you with all the information you need to make a list of your strengths and skills.

In each area of your work including any voluntary and charitable contributions, list the strengths that brought out the best in you. You will also want to ask yourself, 'What am I good at and what do I really enjoy doing?' These questions and lists will give you a great insight and understanding into your personality and put you on track to the right career choice for you. And don’t worry if your CV isn’t too vast and you’re struggling with compiling lists.

It doesn’t start and finish here. Have a look into the projects, voluntary or otherwise, you’ve been involved with. Perhaps you’ve made a real impact with a local community. We can sometimes really undervalue the strengths and positive nature of some of the work we do, so think clearly and sharply about your qualities.

Information inspiration

It is invaluable to spend time online and bring your lists to life. There are a multitude of possibilities. Perhaps you’re a problem solver and great with numbers, or maybe your more creative or more into expressing yourself in a communication role. A career choice is a unique and special decision to make.

Some people know it from a young age and others mature into their expertise. Only you really have the answer to that unique career choice question. Another useful avenue is viewing employment opportunities online, which describe the typical person the company or organisation is looking for. The more you understand and research your qualities, the clearer it will be for you to recognise which career path best suits you.

In general, a better understanding of your personality may influence an inspired career choice. Remember, a career is a long term plan. Engineer it correctly and you’ll naturally warm to it. Here are some more tips to choosing the right career for your personality:

  1. Word from the wise. Your friends and family know you best, so what do they think about you and your career? What do they think will best suit you? Their input can make a really positive impact on you and your selection.
  2. On course. Enrolling and successfully completing a course may give you all the insight you need to make an immediate and long term career decision. As above, try to find a course that you’ll enjoy and use this as your stepping stone for success.
  3. Pace it. If you’re in work looking for a career change or out of work, keep your job searches fresh and constant, and work hard at finding out your vocation. When you get the ball rolling, you can focus your target on applying to companies or organisations and making your impact.
  4. Positive culture. Our personality is all about our attitude to ourselves and our working lives. Staying positive and believing in your abilities will help you overcome the hurdles to get you where you want to be. Remember, it’s not a race, it’s a marathon.