I have just heard that my upgrade application has been approved and I am now, officially, Jooli Atkins FBCS CITP. I actually have a dislike of post-nominals as a rule, and don't even have a job title on my business card, so why am I so proud of my new letters?

Well, I think that it is the fact that, as an IT Training Professional, I have been recognised by the BCS as an IT Professional. After years of spreading the word that IT Training Professionals are very much part of the IT Profession, I now have confirmation of that from an organisation whose opinion I value greatly. I am not sure how long I will wear these letters with such enthusiasm (I still don't like nominals) but I am certainly doing so with pride at the moment. Not as sycophantic as it might sound - just being honest.

I am a great believer in experience over qualifications but it is very difficult to quantify or qualify (no pun intended) experience in a tangible way. I have a range of Professional and academic qualifications and I was recently advised to add BSc (Hons) after my name on my CV because I tend to forget its value and don't usually mention it. Not helpful when I want to be taken seriously in a Profession that is big on qualifications!

Real learning outcomes are more important to me than exam success and I regularly oppose a world where you can pass an exam through proving you can answer a multiple choice question accurately rather than by proving that you can use your knowledge to the benefit of you and yours. What you know is only half of the battle. What you do with what you know is the rest.

So, thanks BCS for recognising that I know 'stuff', know what to do with 'stuff' and that my contribution to the IT Profession is valued. I will wear my current nominals with pride but look forward to the day when I can replace them with FBCS CITTP - Chartered IT Training Professional!