Welcome to our third annual Insights event. It was in 2019 that we debuted this highly successful new event, designed to give a platform for interesting and provocative thinking relating to technology and to showcase our research insights. In 2020 we went virtual, for obvious reasons, and this continues with our 2021 event.

BCS’s aim to make IT good for society has never been more important - and the pandemic has only made that more obvious. Alongside this is the ever-growing concern over the climate crisis so, whilst we will continue to champion the great things technology has done for us, we will also continue to call out where improvement is needed, identify
what needs to be more closely analysed and take a role in addressing those issues.

We view Insights as a place to demonstrate BCS as a convener of thought. With the societal concerns we now face as a backdrop, we look at how technology can help: the importance of professionalism in the IT workforce, how we can achieve sustainable computing, the need for a diverse profession that represents all, and the importance of digital
inclusion for all members of society.

This publication takes a high-level view of the research we have undertaken over the last year. There are raw numbers given on key topics, produced from the more than 13,000 response we had to our survey work this year. This is given
a narrative by comments we get from members, reflecting the views of those actually working in our industry. The research herein gives a snapshot of contemporary issues in IT leadership, diversity, sustainable computing and more.