On Saturday 14 July 2018 the Guardian ran an interesting news item explaining how there had been a number of scientific studies that seemed to link mobile phone use with cancer, including one from the US government, writes Bill Mitchell, BCS Director of Policy.

On Saturday 21 July 2018, one week later, the Guardian ran a long article from the cancer research physicist David Robert Grimes that carefully and thoughtfully debunked all of those claims. This included pointing out robust, rigorous, authoritative research from the World Health Organisation, and the US National Institute for Health amongst other examples, showing there is no evidence of cancer risk from mobile phone use.

The bottom line was if mobile phones are causing cancer, given the incredible number of people who have a mobile phone, we would now be seeing a significant increase in the number of cancers. Yet as pointed out in the report there is no such increase being detected, which would seem to be very clear and very strong evidence there is no health hazard.

For some reason there are many folks who honestly believe 5G, 4G and mobile phones in general cause severe health hazards. For a really interesting read of how this happens and why it doesn’t make sense it’s worth reading this article in the New York Times “The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t”.

In short, the overwhelming authoritative science base that currently exists clearly points to no cancer or glioma increase from mobile phone use or the mobile phone network infrastructure.