Football mad Bradley Dixon has been lucky enough to combine his passion for the beautiful game with something else he cares deeply about - computers. Bradley Dixon works as a digital marketeer, and all-round tech fixer at his local football club, Luton Town FC. Here he explains how a digital apprenticeship helped him fulfil his dream.

‘My passion for football has reached new heights since I’ve been working at Luton Town FC. My love of sport was a key reason for applying for the marketing apprenticeship at the club. I’ve been through two promotions with the club as they went from League Two onto the Championship. 

‘In our first Championship season we faced relegation and had to win the final game of the season. I was so nervous, but we won and stayed up! It was a massive relief, and I felt a deep connection to the club and everyone working there. 

‘I’m now working full time fixing computers and marketing. I also wanted to do a job that combined computing with creativity, such as using Photoshop and Illustrator, for instance, as well as social media. I get a buzz when I’ve created something that goes out to loads of people and I think wow, they’ve all seen what I’ve made!  

Early days

‘I struggled at sixth form, and so I decided to go for a Level 3 digital apprenticeship instead. I spent one day a week at college, and the rest of the time at work. I found that balance really suited me as I learn by ‘doing’ more so than in the classroom. 

For you

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‘The apprenticeship has taught me how to have a great work ethic. True, it was a bit tricky towards the end, when I had to gather evidence for my final project by collecting evidence for my portfolio, but overall, I’ve felt very supported. 

‘Digital skills are really important in any job because the whole world is digital now as the majority of people have to use computers. 

Words of advice

‘What I’d say to any school leaver considering a digital apprenticeship is to think about what you want to do at a basic level first - for instance - do you want to be creative - or is it more IT itself that appeals? Be open to what is out there. I’m now doing both full time - fixing computers and marketing. 

‘Also think about the skills you’ll need - how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or even social media properly - it really gives you a step up if you already have that knowledge.

‘I’m really happy with what I’m doing and love working with amazing people. They have shaped me into the person I am today, which is great.’