Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group

Computer crime concept

The Aim of this Specialist Group

Promoting Cybercrime Forensics and the use of Cybercrime Forensics; of relevance to computing professionals, lawyers, law enforcement officers, academics and those interested in the use of Cybercrime Forensics and the need to address cybercrime for the benefit of those groups and of the wider public.

To achieve this, the group will:

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the issues and opportunities related to Cybercrime Forensics and cybercrime, through facilitating blogs, web discussions, articles and events;
  • Attract new professionals in the Cybercrime Forensics field to membership of the BCS;
  • Build credibility as a body of expertise that can act as a source of information in the field of Cybercrime Forensics, for instance through the provision of road maps, policies and guidance;
  • Provide a forum across the BCS and wider on Cybercrime Forensics;
  • Support a knowledge community for Cybercrime Forensics;
  • Develop a programme of events, standalone and with other Specialist Groups.

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Group meetings

Meetings will be held each year held at different locations such as at BCS London, Canterbury, Southampton, Leicester, Sunderland and Belfast.


The Group will also co-sponsor the annual International Conferences on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training hosted by the Department of Computing at Canterbury Christ Church University.