Strategic pillars


To help us achieve our vision, we’ve also changed our strategic pillars. We wanted to make them punchier, more modern, and easier to understand. They are:

  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Leadership

Each of these has an important part to play in helping us achieve our goal of making IT good for society.


We’ll galvanise our communities to create real positive impact in IT, and the wider world. In doing so, we’ll make sure they become a powerful resource to make things happen. This includes:

  • Partnerships, alliances and associations - local, national and international.
  • Member groups, networks and communities of interest.
  • Supporter programmes, including campaigns.

All this will allow us to build and maintain valuable relationships, to create advocacy and to amplify our results.


We’ll equip IT practitioners for success through qualifications, certifications, CPD tools and more - to drive excellence in the IT sector. Helping people build lifetime career pathways in IT, giving them access to the tools, products and services to enable this, and reflecting real-world needs in all our work. For example:

  • Sector-wide standards and qualifications with global recognition.
  • Real-world insight gathering and research - both societal and business-based.
  • Employer, academic and government programmes and outreach.

This pillar is about promoting professional behaviour that will lead to better IT and show IT professionals, and the wider society, what ‘good’ really looks like.


We’ll lead debate around IT and its impact on society - tackling difficult issues, giving informed points of view, and being a truly independent voice in the field of IT. This means being influential: building opinions, inspiring debate, driving public understanding and audience engagement beyond the profession and helping strengthen the IT sector. We’ll do this by:

  • Leading (and supporting) campaigns and helping address and tackle the big IT issues facing society.
  • Offering responsive, reliable and informed points of view on IT issues via our media team.
  • Providing profile-raising communications, so our name is synonymous with IT.

In short, we need to become a powerful and positive reference point for the IT sector within wider society.