BCS Hellenic Section

Aerial view of Athens with the Acropolis

The BCS Hellenic Section aims to serve as the online communication media for information exchange between BCS members that are located or have interests in Hellas (Greece).

The Section was formed in February 2004, and its aims are:

  • To provide membership services among existing BCS members residing in Hellas.
  • To promote corporate membership of BCS among Institutes of Higher Educations interested  in providing training for their students that meet BCS’s education requirements, and to Hellenic firms interested in providing a structured career development path for their IT employees.
  • To promote collaboration between BCS members and other IT associations, such as the Greek Computer Society (GCS), the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises, and the Hellenic Association of Computer Engineers.
  • To organise regular events, where prominent academics or professionals will present topics or interest to IT professionals.
  • To promote BCS in Hellas and in other East Mediterranean and Balkan countries where Hellenic firms operate subsidiaries, and strong industrial relations are in place.
  • To promote networking among BCS members and to facilitate the mobilization of BCS members between Hellas and abroad.
  • To bring into BCS attention of various Hellenic issues affecting BCS members in Hellas.

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Contact details

BCS Hellenic Section 
29, Michalakopoulou street 
Athens 11528 
Tel: (+30) 2107210774 
Fax: (+30) 2107249508 
Email: hellenic@bcs.org.uk