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Here is a quick overview of some of the key information for each ITQ. For further information, please click on the qualifications below.

 Qualification name
QAN number
Credit value
BCS Level 1 Award
(ECDL Essentials)
BCS Level 1 ECDL Award 601/0633/5 9
BCS Level 1 Award 500/6178/1 9
BCS Level 1 ECDL Certificate 601/1236/0 10
BCS Level 1 Certificate 500/6276/1 13
BCS Level 1 Diploma 500/6174/4 37
BCS Level 2 ECDL Award 601/0634/7 12
BCS Level 2 Award 500/6275/X 10
BCS Level 2 Certificate
(ECDL Extra)

BCS Level 2 ECDL Certificate 601/1237/2 13
BCS Level 2 Certificate
500/6175/6 16
BCS Level 2 Diploma
500/6161/6 38
BCS Level 3 ECDL Award 601/1237/2 16
BCS Level 3 Award 601/0633/5 12
BCS Level 3 Certificate
(ECDL Advanced)
500/6243/8 29
BCS Level 3 Certificate 500/6176/8 25
BCS Level 3 Diploma 500/6386/8 39

All ITQs are eligible for funding, For further information on funding, please refer to the following websites:



Northern Ireland

Qualification withdrawal
Please note that following a review of our qualifications portfolio, we will be withdrawing some of our qualifications between now and December 2018. Please click on the link below for information on the full list of qualifications that we are withdrawing. If you have any questions regarding the qualifications that are being withdrawn, then we are happy to discuss it with you. Full contact details can also be found by clicking the link.
Changes to our qualifications portfolio

Quote from a tutor

'We have used BCS for a number of years and there is not another awarding body who compares with the quality of materials or service'. Alison Overington, Tutor