BCS Women in IT

We recently ran a month long campaign to encourage women of all ages, from young students to women returners, to consider a career in IT and join the profession.

Throughout May, 30 influential women in IT volunteered to act as role models and, through blogs and video interviews, shared their stories and thoughts about the profession.

BCS Women interviews: Looking to the future
1 May 2014 (Gillian Arnold)
2 May 2014 (Sue Black) 3 May 2014 (Dame Stephanie Shirley) 4 May 2014 (Elizabeth Sparrow)
5 May 2014 (Professor Liz Bacon) 6 May 2014 (Maggie Philbin) 7 May 2014 (Maggie Berry) 8 May 2014 (Anne-Marie Imafidon)
9 May 2014 (Trudy Norris-Grey) 10 May 2014 (Sarah Burnett) 11 May 2014 (Nela Brown) 12 May 2014 (Kathryn Parsons)
13 May 2014 (Rebecca George) 14 May 2014 (Michelle Barnett) 15 May 2014 (Sue Sumner) 16 May 2014 (Elizabeth Varley)
17 May 2014 (Louise Bennett) 18 May 2014 (Eileen Brown) 19 May 2014 (Heather Dunlop Jones) 20 May 2014 (Susan Cooklin) 21 May 2014 (Sarah Winmill) 22 May 2014 (Kate Russell) 23 May 2014 (Kate Ho) 24 May 2014 (Cornelia Boldyreff)
25 May 2014 (Margaret Ross) 26 May 2014 (Lyn Grobler) 27 May 2014 (Cary Marsh) 28 May 2014 (Hannah Dee) 29 May 2014 (Mandy Chessell) 30 May 2014 (Wendy Hall) 31 May 2014
Women in IT ebook
Women in IT: Inspiring the next generation

Gender diversity still poses a major challenge in the IT and telecoms industry, with women making up less than 20 per cent of the IT workforce. Our free ebook demonstrates the advantages of a career in IT by showcasing the lives and careers of female IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academics. It also emphasises the proven benefits of gender diversity in the workplace.

The real figures

BCS and eSkills have updated for 2014 the Women in IT Scorecard.

BCS survey

79% of IT professionals feel that the profession would benefit from having more women working in IT roles - read more results from our recent survey.

Women in IT

Three expert women in IT debate the issues and suggest some innovative solutions to the gender imbalance problem in IT. Watch the debate


Listen to an interview with Gillian Arnold, Chair of BCSWomen and Kate Russell, journalist and author, discussing why it’s important for more women to be part of the IT profession.

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