IMIS qualifications retirement notification

Important announcement

Following a review of the BCS qualifications, we have decided to withdraw the IMIS qualifications over a phased period of two years.

Please refer to the table below for final examination and submission dates.


Exam Session
- Level 4
- Level 5
Points to Note
Jun-18 H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 This is the final exam session in which we are offering the Higher Diploma level 5 modules (including H6 project resubmissions). There will be no further opportunity to continue / complete the qualification after this session.
  • BCS will not accept any registrations / resits for the IMIS Foundation Diploma level 3.
  • BCS will still accept registrations / resits for the Higher Diploma Level 5, including project submission from current students
  • BCS will not accept registrations from new students or from students who have not registered to sit examinations in the December 2013 session (or a more recent session).

Please refer to our frequently asked questions (PDF).


Quality assurance

We pride ourselves in the quality of our exam delivery. As part of standard quality assurance procedures we may conduct the following activities at any time:

  • Student questionnaires
  • Staff interviews
  • Audits
  • Site visits

If you would like to tell us about your experience of a BCS exam please contact us