Branch AGM followed by Office 365 at the Movies presentation

24 May 2017, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
AGM from 6.30pm, followed by tea/coffee at 7.00pm
Talk by Christopher Grosberg at 7.30pm

Durham University Business School, Millhill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB | Directions

Free to both BCS and Non BCS members

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The AGM will take place in room MHL 453 seminar room and the talk will take place in room MHL 452 - Lecture Theatre.

Draft AGM Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the previous AGM (and if appropriate EGM)
  • Matters arising from the minutes
  • A report from the Chair on the year’s activities
  • A report from the Treasurer, including a review of income and expenditure against the budget agreed with BCS HQ for the past year and an explanation of next year’s budget request.
  • Election of Chair, Treasurer and committee members
  • Any other business

Notification of items wishing to be raised at the AGM under "Any other business" should be sent to the Chair not less than three days in advance. Admission of items not so notified at the AGM will be at the discretion of the Chair.

If you are interested in joining the committee or wish to be nominated for one of the elected posts, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer please contact me to register your interest and to discuss nomination

Many thanks


Professor Alastair Irons FBCS CITP
NE Branch Chair

Presentation following from AGM - Office 365 at the Movies

Summary: Everyone loves a good film, but how often do our favourite characters get themselves into needless messes? If only there was a productivity suite that could help them face some of their problems... In this informal knowledge share, Chris Grosberg, Senior Bespoke Consultant, will look at some of the elements and features of Office 365 and how they could be used to help some of the characters in our favourite films work smarter and collaborate better together.

Christopher Grosberg, Senior Bespoke Consultant, Specialist in Communication and Collaboration, Waterstons

Working at Waterstons has given Chris the chance to try out and experience many different areas of technology, some of which he’s really enjoyed and some he’d rather leave to people who enjoy them more than him. Of all the areas he has worked in he finds working around content management and collaborative technologies the most interesting and he sees the correct adoption of this class of technologies one of the challenges modern businesses face. Simply firing and forgetting rarely works and there is a lot of potential to improve the business if done correctly. As a result of his interest in content management and collaborative technologies Chris has worked on a number of SharePoint projects and is always happy for someone to pick his brain about it. He has also worked on a number of other exciting projects ranging from real-time critical SQL replication through to customisable customer portals using cutting edge technology and methodology.

Past AGM minutes

Minutes from Past AGM meetings of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne & District Branch

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