About the Academy

The Academy’s principle aims are to:

  • develop and support a cohesive community inclusive of scholars, teachers, researchers and professionals with a shared commitment to the advancement of computing;
  • facilitate the scientific and engineering application of computing knowledge within organisations to support transformational change;
  • endeavour to ensure the relevance of computing knowledge throughout the education, business and research sectors;
  • nurture ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation in computing;
  • promote excellence in the creation, study and application of computing knowledge;
  • engage with the public in order to inform and facilitate appreciation of the successes and challenges of computing, and to promote informed debate about the roles that computing should play in society at large.

To achieve its mission, the BCS Academy of Computing must consider all levels of the education spectrum. It has collaborated with a wide range of partners to emphasise the value of computing as part of a rounded school curriculum and to highlight its importance in the development of the future workforce. This work has included playing a key role in advising key stakeholders on policy issues, providing strategic guidance to schools, proposing curriculum content and building capacity among teachers.


The BCS Academy of Computing is driven by a board and a set of committees that are responsible for the Academy’s main activities.
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