PHCSG Education Videos

  • Paul Maddy
    Dr Paul Maddy gives an overview of the implementation of SNOMED CT into primary care systems. This talk covers the benefits, but also some of the work practices need to do to ensure a safe implementation.
  • Kiran Mistry
    Kiran Mistry of the Information Governance Alliance talks about the impact of GDPR for practices and discusses how to stay on the right side of the law for Information Governance.
  • Dai Evans
    Dr Dai Evans gives a guide to maintaining record quality to ensure that your records are safe to use and share.
  • John Rigg
    John Rigg from IQVIA talks about developments in machine learning support for clinical decision making. His talk highlights both the strengths and weaknesses and gives us a glimpse of what we may expect in the near future.
  • Neill Jones
    With the rise in shared health records Dr Neill Jones talks through some of the benefits and pitfalls of shared records. After watching this video you will be able to be a safer user of a shared record system.
  • Miriam Lemar
    In this session Miriam Lemar and Dr Geoff Schrecker talk about ways to use your IT to improve your practice and personal resilience.
  • Miles Carter
    Dr Miles Carter from QMasters demonstrates the use of IT to enhance your practices income while improving care.
  • Ralph Sullivan
    Ralph outlines the ways to use Patient Online to the mutual benefit of patients and practices.