Learning Capability Model (LCM)

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Understanding your IT team's potential

The BCS’ Learning Capability Model (LCM) gives you a systematic approach to assessing your IT team’s capability and maturity in line with your organisations aspirations, helping you to:

  • Recruit, develop and retain top IT employees
  • Identify and prepare for skills gaps
  • Create a strategy to become a learning organisation
  • Cope with a fast-moving environment

To develop the expertise of IT employees their Managers need clarity around existing skills and knowledge including identifying any gaps. LCM gives you a starting point to embarking on an effective programme of continuous learning and ensures your team are ready for any changes in your business and the environment it operates in.

Stages in the LCM approach

Following discussion with you about your specific objectives our consultant will:

  • Hold an onsite launch meeting to understand your requirements
  • Conduct a series of workshops and meetings with key stakeholders in your organisation
  • Measure your approach to learning and development
  • Survey your IT employees
  • Create a comprehensive report and development plan giving you all the information you need to move forward
  • If your organisation achieves high levels of maturity you can choose to receive BCS Accreditation.

Evaluation of capability

Your organisation is measured in eight key business areas including your business drivers, strategies, leadership commitment and career paths. Depending on the results each area is evaluated against a five-step maturity scale ranging from explorer to exemplar, giving you a clear picture of your strengths and areas for development.

The benefits LCM gives you

  • A factual assessment of your organisations IT capability mapped to the industry adopted SFIA framework.
  • A common language for people working in IT and HR roles
  • A deeper understanding of your employees and how they view their career development
  • Support from our subject matter experts
  • Long term confidence you can retain the best talent in the right roles
  • BCS Accreditation is awarded to organisations who are placed on the higher levels of the maturity scale.

To find out more about the capability of your team speak to an expert on 01793 417422.