BCS Health and Care

BCS Health and Care was formed to cover all aspects of informatics in support of health, a sector of particular relevance and importance to BCS.

BCS Health and Care provides leadership in this sector, acting as a source of professionally recognised expertise, under-pinning the outward-facing role of BCS, and ensuring that contributors to Health Informatics are recognised and respected.

Role Opportunities

Vice Chair Industry and UK Informatics Representative
We are currently seeking nomations for the roles of VC Industry and UK Informatics Representative. Members of the Health and Care executive contribute to and provide leadership within the BCS public policy development around health, and engagement with the wider health and care community.
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Associate Vice Chair
The BCS Health and Care Executive are seeking enthusiastic individuals who have a passionate committment to the improvement of digital health and care. We want you to join our wider Executive 'family' and support our Health and Care Executive deliver.
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Innovation in Health Informatics

Published in association with BMJ, this journal provides insight from the industry front line, including research papers, literature reviews and letters from academics and practitioners in the fields of social care, health and clinical informatics.

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