BCS Health and Care

BCS Health and Care was formed to cover all aspects of informatics in support of health, a sector of particular relevance and importance to BCS.

BCS Health and Care provides leadership in this sector, acting as a source of professionally recognised expertise, under-pinning the outward-facing role of BCS, and ensuring that contributors to Health Informatics are recognised and respected.

Role Opportunity

Vice Chair Strategy and Policy
We are seeking enthusiastic and energised individuals who have a passionate committment to the improvement of digital health and care, to join the Vice Chair team of BCS Health and Care executive.
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Associate Vice Chair
The BCS Health and Care Executive are seeking enthusiastic individuals who have a passionate committment to the improvement of digital health and care. We want you to join our wider Executive 'family' and support our Health and Care Executive deliver.
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HL7 FHIR APIs and the Argonaut Project - What do they mean for the UK Healthcare IT Landscape?

FHIR® - Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources - is a next generation standards framework created by HL7. On 10 November BCS and HL7 ran a briefing and workshop looking at the aims of the project, progress so far, and what the impact in the UK is likely to be.
The content from the event can be found here

Utilising big data in cities to improve public services & empowering the citizen through new models of personal data sharing

At a recent BCS Health event titled ‘Utilising data to improve public services and new models for personal data’ we heard about new initiatives in the UK and implementations in the US where we are connecting the dots, created by our digital footprints, to better manage public services, help improve the lives of citizens and aid medical research. The discussion featured expertise from Jos Creese (BCS President), Hakim Yadi (Chief Executive Northern Health Sciences Alliance) and Beth Blauer (Executive director of the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins) with an audience of 50 BCS members.
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BCS Interoperability Guidance for Health and Care Networks
BCS issues interoperability guidelines for health and care providers.
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BCS offer of support for paperless2020 agenda
Read BCS's offer to support the paperless2020 agenda
BCS written submission to Professor Robert Wachter's review
Read the four key focus points BCS raised in its written submission
BCS Health and Social Care Informatics Community Response to NIB PHC2020
Earlier in the year BCS held three regional debates to discuss the National Information Board (NIB) Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework. The debates demonstrated how our community continues to be passionate about the critical role informatics should play to the modernisation of the health and care system. The output from each of the sessions has been included in the attached letter from BCS to Tim Kelsey, NIB Chair, detailing some of the key items debated and the role that BCS and Health and Social Care Informatics professionals can play in helping to realise the goal of personalised health and social care.
Read the BCS Community response
Professional Records Standards Body
Terence Stephenson Justin Richards, Multimedia Editor, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, recently spoke to four key supporters of the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), about the importance of this relatively new professional body and why it is so unique. Watch the PRSB interviews


New vision for the Health Informatics Profession
Care.data and Information Governance
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Innovation in Health Informatics

Innovation in Health InformaticsThe Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics (formerly Informatics in Primary Care) is the open access house journal of BCS Health. It publishes high-quality research papers, literature reviews and letters from both researchers and practitioners in the fields of social care, health and clinical informatics. Its focus is on informatics research from the front lines of health care and how informatics can support innovation in health and health care.

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Meaningful Use and Beyond. A Guide for IT Staff in Health Care by Fred Trotter and David Uhlman. Reviewed by Sheila Bullas.

Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge by Dee McGonigle and Kathleen Garver Mastrian. Reviewed by Sheila Bullas.