Your development

As a learning organisation, we encourage everybody to take responsibility for their own personal and continuing professional development throughout their career with BCS, and provide you with the tools and support to enable you to do so.

Through our training and professional development services, we are raising the levels of competence and professionalism within the IT industry. The same ethos applies internally: we are committed to continually raising levels of competence and professionalism within BCS itself. 

We do this through a structured approach to identifying and meeting individual development needs that are relevant to improving our performance and effectiveness as an organisation with the highest levels of customer focus and expertise. 

We take the training and development of all our people very seriously and are committed to providing the maximum amount of opportunity.

Study Assistance

We encourage study for qualifications that are relevant to your job within BCS - either now or in the future. If study assistance is approved, all course and exam fees and related professional membership fees will be reimbursed.

If you are studying a professional qualification that is essential to your longer term career development, we will consider giving you a specific amount of study leave on full pay to attend college and for exams.