BCSRecruit.com and Jobsite have teamed up to provide some important, yet simple, advice for producing a CV that will get you noticed whether you are a graduate or at director level.

A recent survey from Interexec, a confidential agency that represents senior jobseekers, looked into the common mistakes that executives make when writing their CVs and found that a failure to sell their accomplishments was by far the biggest.

The top four were:

  • duties driven instead of achievement driven;
  • too long;
  • irrelevant information;
  • overuse of jargon / abbreviations.

Kit Scott-Brown, MD of Interexec, said: ‘Getting your CV absolutely right is key to getting recruited into the top roles. The resumé is typically the first point of contact between the executive and the prospective employer, so it is incredibly important that it outlines the key skills and achievements clearly and to the point.

‘Composing a CV is the first hurdle to jump before getting recruited, but many senior executives still get it wrong’

It isn’t just younger, less experienced candidates who are making these mistakes but also senior candidates with some years of experience. It seems that a failure to sell yourself on your achievements is common at all levels.

The key to any application, whether it’s a traditional CV or online profile, is to have one that clearly represents the value that you can add to another organisation, and that will always start with a solid grasp of your accomplishments.

Does Your CV Sell You? - Courtesy of Jobsite.co.uk