Textbooks are a valuable resource, especially when it comes to supporting training courses. But how well do they prepare you for practical experience?

We’ve recently published a new edition of our IT Service Management textbook for the ITIL® Foundation exam. Of the first edition, Rob England, The IT Skeptic, commented “The no-nonsense approach of this book appeals to me. Straight-shooting descriptions, examples and advice from experienced guys.”

The textbook is also intended to support people who want to gain a practical understanding of IT service management.

Whilst I fully accept that not all knowledge can be gained from reading, I do find that a book can provide an excellent start. Providing you accept the content of the book is just a stepping-off point for you to learn best practice and basic principles, you should be well-equipped to start to implement these in your work life. Your practical experience should then naturally enhance the principles you’ve learned.

I have a couple of textbooks that I still keep nearby and they come in very useful from time to time.

How useful do you find your textbooks? I’d be especially keen to hear your views on the results of reading any of our own textbooks - on software testing, business analysis, ITSM, for example.

About the author

Karen Manning joined BCS in 2008 working in the Marketing Team. Having graduated in marketing in the pre-www era, she has relished the challenge to keep up to date with the latest developments in technology and new media.