The ability to ensure a business is supported in an effective and efficient manner will not only improve the relationship with the IT department, but support the fast paced world we now live and work in.

This is why successful IT service management is a critical element for any IT department.

As a professional body we believe it is imperative that anyone working in IT is able to continually improve, not only for their own personal development but to ensure their role meets the ever changing requirements of organisations they work for.

So, what truly defines successful IT service management? This is a very hard question to answer simply because the definition varies dramatically between one organisation and another, particularly as no two organisations are the same.

For me, successful IT service management comes down to the people that IT departments are serving. Call them end-users or customers it doesn’t really matter, just as long as they are happy and believe they are getting value for money, whether they are paying for it or not. It can be challenging but we can continually strive to ensure that overall we are providing the best possible service to our customers - however this looks within the unique setup of any organisation.

What do you think, though - how would you define successful IT service management?

These blog posts are an area for those who have thoughts on IT service management to share them, maybe even spark some discussion and debate. If you would like to comment please do, if you would like to contribute then please email me via - we look forward to hearing from you.

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IT service management is about delivering, supporting and managing IT services in an effective and efficient way. This blog provides a platform for experts across a variety of ITSM roles to share their insight and best practice for people to embrace new ideas to improve processes and performance.