I'm back on the rant again having spent considerable time yesterday and today putting right errors caused one large corporates (Financial Services - need I say more?) and one public sector organisation (DVLA - need I say more?).

A direct debit was cancelled in error (mine, as it goes) and so the FS organisation sent me another - duly completed and returned and I received the standard letter saying that all was well again.  Until, of course, the time for the direct debit to be paid when it did not work.  I noticed this on my statement and called the FS provider when I was told that 'there is no reason why this should not work' and they will retry. 

At the same time I recently got a new car and duly received the 'log book' (I know, I know ... but it is easier to write than Registration Certificate). Wonderfully straightforward process - until the following week when I got a letter from DVLA noting that they have updated their records showing that I am no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle!  When I called to discuss this with them they told me that the garage had completed the transfer section of the 'log book' in error.  Human error on the part of the garage I thought but then wondered how they had done that when I had the 'log book' with me and it had the transfer section fully intact?

Could these possibly have been system errors?  Do such things exist any more?  Is all such transactional system error really just a matter of the humans using the system?  Will the circle ever be squared?

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Jooli Atkins (FBCS, CITP) has been involved in the IT profession for the past 25 years, mainly in Learning and Development. She is a CITP assessor as well as being an accredited SFIA consultant, specialising in Business Change.