Digital transformation involves much more than the creation of a new IT operating model. People, rather than systems and services, are the key to long-lasting change - and HR executives play an essential partnering role in helping CIOs to achieve this aim.

The underlying role of technology in business operations means your business will source a range of IT specialists. While digital skills receive most media attention, the practical reality is that transformation is a journey. Most organisations will require a blend of newer and older skills for some time yet.

The ideal mix is a high-performing team that both maintains day-to-day operations and pushes forward with innovation. So while some professionals hold expertise in cutting-edge areas, such as analytics, automation and the cloud, other in-house IT workers focus on legacy systems and languages.

HR executives can help CIOs ensure their team has the right blend of skills. By working alongside a personnel expert, IT leaders can identify team strengths, required capabilities and potential gaps.

Consistent benchmarking from HR, for example, can demonstrate how IT professionals intend to reach their career goals and how these aims fit with broader organisational objectives. Your IT people can then be developed in-line with current and future requirements.

Tight collaboration between HR and IT executives produces an integrated approach to skills development. Rather than two sets of traditionally opposing skills, your business will understand what legacy skills matter and how digital expertise can be added to the mix to create a high-performing team.

Your integrated IT team can then use its skills to meet fast-changing business demands. As new projects emerge, your organisation will have a clear understanding of internal capability. If the right skills are not available, your HR partner will help you build a business case for recruitment.

Benchmarking IT staff helps you to understand individual aspirations, business requirements and potential skills gaps. By partnering with the HR executive, CIOs can develop an agile IT team that is already ready for its next assignment.

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