I was delighted to see the creation of a new specialist group - the Business Change SG because it is, in my opinion, an underestimate area. As a training practitioner in IT I see my role firmly in the Business Change arena (which is why I was so upset with SFIA - but don't get me back on that one!).

You may be pleased to know that the Business Change SG also sees training as being in its arena and the Information and Technology Training SG plans to work very closely together with the Business Change SG to reinforce the message.

Most training interventions are the result of some change or other - system, process, job role etc and often trainers are the link between the old and new worlds, even being held responsible by some users for the change being inflicted upon them. Actually, if we don't do our job correctly we ARE responsible because we should be looking very carefully at how the change is managed to ensure that it is not inflicted.

Line Managers have a big role to play in preparing people for change but many are in denial (or actually resistance) when they get to the training room. Of course, not all change is negative but even positive change from a croaky old system to a shiny new one, say, is not seen as positive when the system is trained too early (during UAT - but don't get me started on that one again!) leading to workarounds and unhappy bunnies.

Business Change needs to be high on the agenda of all BCS members so welcome to the fold, SG.

About the author

Jooli Atkins (FBCS, CITP) has been involved in the IT profession for the past 25 years, mainly in Learning and Development. She is a CITP assessor as well as being an accredited SFIA consultant, specialising in Business Change.