Monitoring of IT in the workplace; When does the use of email and the internet become Misuse?

Date: Tuesday 12 May 2009

Time: 19:30 - Light refreshments will be provided

Speaker: Sarah Coates-Madden BA (Hons)

Location: Brynmor Jones Library, University of Hull


Sarah Coates-Madden is a solicitor at local firm Sandersons. She specialises in commercial litigation and dispute resolution, including employment law. The talk will cover some of the employment law issues relating to the use of the internet and email in the workplace. With reference to real-life examples she will look at when use of email and internet is "misuse", the extent to which employers are legally entitled to monitor use by their employees, and the extent to which employees could face disciplinary action or dismissal for misuse.

Please note this is also our AGM.