The great @ symbol debate

What have we started? An innocent enquiry in January 2006 ITNOW about the proper name, or the wittiest name, for the @ symbol and we've been deluged with suggestions. Fortunately web space isn't terribly expensive. Read on, if you have a strong stomach...

Here is the entry from the Jargon file: @ Common: at sign; at; strudel. Rare: each; vortex; whorl; (whirlpool); cyclone; snail; ape; cat; rose; cabbage; <commercial at>.
And here is the link for reference:

Scott Paisley MBCS

Try Lunchtime fun!

Rob Mould

Everyone I know says ‘at’ when dictating an email address. However these sites propose several names: (plus links at bottom)

The next question is what should we call a usb flash drive/usb key/ pen drive/ data stick/ thumb drive/ flash disk/disk on key/ data key... etc.

Ian Brown MBCS