Key information - Diploma

Qualification Name:

BCS Level 1 Diploma in IT User Skills


QAN (Accreditation Number):

Qualification Aim:

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the application of a range of IT user skills and knowledge in the workplace, meeting employer workforce demands. The flexibility of the ITQ will enable individuals to adapt their skills for a specific work-based activity and / or employer requirement.

The ITQ allows for flexibility and choice. Learners and employers can identify the most appropriate units and levels of skills to meet their needs in the workplace, and candidates can have a range of competences recognised at lower or higher levels than the base level chosen, where appropriate.

This qualification can also incorporate elements from the internationally recognised ECDL qualification.


Facts and figures
Accreditation number
NQF level
Guided learning hours 250
LSC funding code 50061744
Accredited for age groups 16-18, 18+
Performance points 75
Percentage to threshold 60
Credit value 37
Qualification renewal date


Qualification structure

Minimum credit value
Maximum credit value
Mandatory unit
Level 1 Improving productivity using IT (3 credits)

Optional units
At least half optional unit credits at or above qualification level

Minimum 17 credits at level 1 or above

Up to 5 credits at entry level 3
Sector-specific units
Unit(s) from other qualifications
Maximum 3 credits at any relevant level

ITQ units



Manual, evidence-based or automated testing options are available.


Who is this qualification appropriate for?

  • 16-18
  • 18+
  • NEETs
  • On FL catalogue
  • ALR funding available
Qualification withdrawal
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