Astrophotography and the Digital Revolution

Date: Wednesday 13 February 2013

Time: 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Location: Room WI-LR14, Wilberforce Building, University of Hull

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Speaker: Paul Reed

Astrophotography - the capturing of images of celestial objects for science or pleasure - is almost as old as photography itself. Once the sole domain of professionals, the advent of digital technology has opened up the possibility for amateurs to produce highly detailed images of the night sky, both for art and for science. This presentation will discuss the history of astrophotography, outline the technical problems faced by astrophotographers, and show how these are circumvented through the use of easily available and affordable digital technologies.

Speaker Biography:
Paul is 50 years old, and based in Kingston upon Hull. A former schoolteacher, he now has 3 main interests in life: astronomy, photography and playing flamenco music. As an astronomer, Paul has certificates in Astronomy, Planetary Science and Astrophysics, gained through the Open University. His photography interests centre around landscapes, skyscapes and astrophotography. He speaks regularly on local radio about astronomy topics and has been actively involved with introducing the general public to astronomy, organising 'open observatory' events and giving presentations on astronomical topics to local youth and community groups.