BCS ELITE Summer event

Monday 16 June 2008

18.00 - 23.00


Elite’s Summer Event takes place on the theme of 'Web 2.0 for Corporates - can you afford to ignore it?' It will be held on Monday June 16th at a special venue in London hosted by BT.

We have three excellent and authoritative speakers for this event:

  • Euan Semple, consultant on “social computing for the corporate world” and past Director of Knowledge Management at the BBC
  • Ian Aitchison, Group Communications Officer at NYK Group Europe Ltd
  • Richard Dennison, Intranet and Channel Strategy Manager at BT

Web 2.0 is the informal catch-all label for all kinds of social networking using social media technology such as Wikis, blogs, webcasts, with products like MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

Is allowing your employees to access Web 2.0 at work simply a waste of time and a potential security threat? Do corporates need to concern themselves with this apparently private world for individuals? Or is it is only for the youth of today to exchange video clips, blogs, and (arguably) too much information about themselves?

Variously described as “an inspirational speaker”, “one of the first, best and brightest minds on board the cluetrain”, and “one of the few people who makes the world of social networking... accessible to anyone”, Euan Semple is well qualified to kick this event off.

He will provide an overview based on his experience of implementing Web 2.0 successfully at the BBC and subsequently with his many clients, who include Flashback Television and Chime Communications Plc.

NYK - Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha - is one of the world's leading transportation companies. The NYK group operates approximately 762 major ocean vessels, as well as fleets of planes, trains and trucks, generated revenues in 2006-07 of $18bn, and employs about 51,000 people worldwide.

An evangelical communications professional, Ian Aitchison is seeking to utilise social media to bring about cultural change, leap-frog IT hurdles, break-down internal barriers, unlock corporate knowledge and enable global strategic goals to be met. In his presentation, Ian will outline his approach, and how far he is towards achieving his goal.

Richard Dennison is responsible for intranet and channel strategy at BT and is a strong advocate for the deployment of collaborative tools in a corporate context. He is responsible for BT's social media policies and has led a number of deployments of social media tools on BT's intranet, including an enterprise-wide wiki tool, corporate blogging platform, and pilot social network.

In his presentation Richard will describe some of BT's experiences of deploying social media tools on its intranet, and give his view on what works, what doesn’t, and why.

The event will start with registration from 6pm, with the presentations starting around 6:30, and a panel discussion around 8:15. It is expected to finish around 8:45, followed by a buffet with wine and refreshments, which will held on the rotating floor at the top of the venue with excellent views over the city. This will be available until 11pm.

Euan Semple's presentation (PDF)
Richard Dennison's presentation (PDF)