University of Bedfordshire Chapter - Google’s Self-Driving Car

On Wednesday March 25 the University of Bedfordshire student chapter held a talk from Dr. Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s self-driving car project.

Chris shared some fun stories with videos and lessons they have learned throughout the project along with Google’s vision for how these vehicles will become a reality.

University of Bedfordshire event (1)

The presentation was followed by Q&A and below are the reactions of some of the attendees after the event:

University of Bedfordshire event (2)

'It was fascinating to learn how they brought to fruition this incredibly complex architecture of making the car recognise pedestrians, other vehicles, road markings, signs, traffic lights and cyclists as well as to obey the rules of the road.' - Paul Kwame

'For me, this was best event the chapter has organised. Bringing such a world changer to the University of Bedfordshire is incredibly awesome. The most interesting thing is the use of lasers and sensors in monitoring the world around the car. It was also amazing to know that every bit of each calculation was done in picoseconds.' – Zakari Zakari

'As a car enthusiast, the self-driving vehicle is quite a big deal for me. So when I first heard that the man behind the autonomous vehicles project at Google is to be hosted by BCS chapter of UoB, even more when I realised that Forbes has unsurprisingly named the man one of 5 technologists changing the future, I quickly booked my ticket and boy, was I not wrong.'

'I was humbled to have met this man. I appreciated it more when I got the chance to network with him after the event and I did not hesitate to take his business card.' – Laith Yaseen

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Thanks go out to Dr. Chris Urmson for taking time to speak to the students and share his valuable insights with them. Congratulations to the chapter committee for organising and hosting the event. This was a rare opportunity for the students to hear from a world leader in the technology field and they truly appreciated it.