Open source lightning talks

Thursday 19 April 2012, 12.00pm - 2.00pm
The event will start at 12.00pm (tea and coffee will be available from 12.00pm with the seminar starting at 12.30pm)

Maria Richie Room, Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4SW


Rob Dudley, Graeme Moignard, John Hollis and Simon Brown


Join us for a collection of lightning talks, where each speaker will talk about something related to open source for 10 minutes. For those that attended the Digital Jersey event on 12 April 2012, you will have heard a few comments about how being locked into a single technology stack may not be in your best interest. Jersey is something of a Microsoft stronghold but there are other options out there, some of which are free and open source. BCS Jersey is running this set of lightning talks so that you can catch a glimpse of how open source is being used today, locally.

Talk 1: ColdFusion / Railo - the original RAD platform revisited

This talk will (hopefully) dispel some of the myths surrounding ColdFusion and demonstrate how the latest generation of CFML engines fit within the modern enterprise by giving Java and Microsoft developers a more flexible toolkit for everything from app prototyping, through dashboard development to SharePoint integration... all in 600 seconds!

Speaker: Rob Dudley

Rob has been building for the web since 1996 and worked for a range of local companies since 2001. He considers himself to be a full stack, web developer specialising in CFML and PHP development with a passion for open source software and cutting edge online technology.

Talk 2: Ten reasons to use opensource in business

Opensource software might be cheaper than alternatives, but it has many other business benefits, too. It is often said that opensource software wins because it is cheaper. However, the bigger factor in the success of open source software in industry has been performance. Collaborative development projects have opened the door to much wider input than is the case in a closed development environment with subsequent improvements in price and performance. Opensource reduces R&D costs, increases productivity, improves efficiency, facilitates interoperability and encourages innovation. I have complied 10 major reasons why opensource should be used more in business in general...

Speaker: Graeme Moignard

15+ years application development & system integration experience, mostly based in Jerseys finance industry. I’m literate in numerous well known programming/scripting languages. (Java/PHP/Perl/COBOL/AJAX) and others. Creative Director of Willow Software, a newly formed Jersey based Web Services Agency. Willow Software Actively promotes the use of opensource applications to business clients to cut their IT budgets. I’m an Internet Security expert, IDS/IPS/Network Penetration/Java & PHP Source code auditing.

Talk 3: TBC

Speaker: John Hollis

Talk 4: Behind

In this short talk, Simon will take you behind the scenes of; showing you everything from the programming language, frameworks and tools used to create the site through to testing and deployment. Expect lots of open source!

Speaker: Simon Brown

Simon is an independent consultant, the founder of Coding the Architecture and either a software architect who codes or a software developer who understands architecture. Having successfully delivered a variety of projects on the Microsoft .NET and Java platforms, Simon now regularly speaks to audiences around Europe about how to deliver better software. He is also the author of “Software Architecture for Developers”, which is being published incrementally through Leanpub.


If you missed the event, you can catch up by viewing this presentation online.