Stop Frame animation, Digital Drawing, 2D animation and Graphic Design

Thursday 11 June 2015, 12.00pm - 1.00pm

Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE3 4SW


David Gregory and Joanna Brown


Our main focus will be discussing and demonstrating digital drawing complimenting the students exhibition in the bar gallery. We briefly outline the following areas:

Stop Frame animation, Digital Drawing, 2D animation and Graphic Design.

We will show students and teachers work (David Gregory, Joanna Brown, Liam Nunn and Abbey Austin) to demonstrate different disciplines and use of various programs and tools.

How traditional techniques of drawing, storytelling and animation underpin the use of technology.

David will be demonstrating programs and equipment, showing what can be achieved and what options are available from high end set ups to ipad and pens which are great value and can be used as sketchpads or for finer detailed work.

How digital drawing can be used in your artistic practice from roughing out and manipulating sketches, using layers to working outside from life.

We will wrap up discussing the various career opportunities across a variety of fields then open for a questions.

Speaker bios:

David Gregory and Joanna brown are local digital artists dedicated to teaching children to use their computers creatively.

They set up motion studio in February 2013 and have been running courses and workshops in animation and digital drawing ever since. They are celebrating the achievements of some of their very dedicated young digital artists this year with an exhibition at the art centre bar gallery, sponsored by B.C.S Jersey.