Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Dream or Reality?

Monday 14 March 2016, 5.15pm - 7.00pm

Digital Jersey Hub, Block 3, The Forum, Grenville Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE3 0WQ


William Rayer


Ever since the first computers were invented, their potential similarity to the human brain has been noticed. Early inventors, including reknowned mathematician and code breaker Alan Turing wondered if computers could be ‘intelligent’, and how we could test their intelligence. He concluded intelligence lay far off in the future, and devised a useful test ‘The Turing Test’ to compare their intelligence against humans. Fast forward from 1950 to 2016, and although we see lots of attempts and complex projects on the way, no generally accepted computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged. But now with multi terabyte storage, multi core computer processors, and real time text to speech and speech to text, it is time to revisit computer AI and attempt the impossible. This talk briefly reviews the history of AI, the Turing test , and shows the state of the art using conversational agents and purpose built AI chatbots.

Speaker bio:

William Rayer is a Senior Systems Analyst at RBS Coutts and also the founder of Ubercode Software, a startup ISV who’s purpose is to make computers and programmers smarter with two products: Uberbot which is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) application, and Ubercode which is an easy-to-use programming environment for Microsoft Windows.

Uberbot was awarded 3rd place in the Loebner prize (The first Turing test)

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