Diversity in IT

Thursday 21 February 2019, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Room 9130, Sheffield Hallam University, Stoddart Building, City Campus, Sheffield, S1 2ND

Themes & speakers:
Want to learn more about diversity in tech?

Please welcome our speakers Ceri-anne Jackson, Pauline Narvas and Abdi Hassan, who have each prepared a talk below.

Please Note: This talk will be a recorded talk and follows BCS privacy guidelines.

Ceri-anne Jackson, iOS Developer at Sky
Ceri-anne Jackson is a Software Developer at Sky. After working in Credit Risk Management for 14 years, she decided to pursue a new career in technology. Ceri-anne retrained as a developer on Sky’s Get into Tech scheme and now works on the Sky Sports and Sky News iOS apps. She’s passionate about increasing diversity in technology, especially in mobile development.

Ceri-anne will share her career-changing journey into software development and her experiences as a woman in tech.

Pauline Narvas, DevOps @ EE · Creator · Speaker · Community builder
Pauline is a passionate multi-hyphenate - a person with a hyphenated profession. She is a self-taught developer, a speaker, and a community builder. She has been documenting stuff on the internet since 2008 and is now working in DevOps with EE, as well as a remote developer. She is on a mission to live her healthiest, happiest life. Her areas of interest include tech, the digital world, health and personal development.

Pauline will be talking about the importance of diverse teams, using stories of how much of an impact this has had in her career so far and ways that we can together improve diversity and inclusion of the technical workforce.

Abdi Hassan, Masters Student @ Sheffield Hallam University
Abdi's talk will focus on his journey to IT industry through education. Failing at school and college level, he secured university place in UCAS clearing at 2013. HE graduated with a BSc Honours Degree in Business Information Technology with Sandwich year from Leeds Beckett University and currently undertaking a Masters Degree in IT Management at Sheffield Hallam University. However the journey was difficult along the way from going through clearing to failing numerous times in undergraduate studies to finding placement year.

Abdi will share his thoughts and knowledge on how to succeed at an undergraduate level and how to prepare for life after university, and how anyone can succeed.

Andy Burgin is a Platform Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming
He considers himself a Kubernetes and Hadoop fettler, spending far too much of his spare time making Raspberry Pis do things they shouldn’t. He was a small part of the organising team for DevOpsDays London 2018 and has been running the Devops meetup in Leeds for 5 years hosting over 40 events. He’s attended and spoke at a bunch of DevOps conferences and in his own words is ‘an all round DevOps nuisance’.

'Running an inclusive tech conference'

Andy Burgin is part of the team that organised DevOpsDays London 2018 conference. The team put a whole heap of effort into ensuring the conference was as accessible and inclusive as we possibly could, from signers and captioners through to pronouns buttons and photo preference lanyards. I'd like to share some of the details of what we did, what worked and what didn't - so you can take thoses ideas away and apply them at your organisations and events.

17:30 - Light Refreshments
18:15 - Talk
19:30 - The event ends