Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

When: 12th Sep 2017, 18:00 - 12th Sep 2017, 20:00
Where: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA
Town/City: London
Organiser: BCS IRMA (Information Risk Management and Assurance) Specialist Group
Price: Free to attend for BCS, ISACA or IIA Members; £12.50 (+VAT @ 20%) for Non-Members
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How safe and secure can we make them?

6:00pm - Registration & buffet
6:30pm - Presentation
7:30pm - Networking Session

Speaker: Bill Harpley, Founder of Astius Technology

Event Details:

This talk explores the rapidly emerging world of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles. This covers a spectrum of use cases from driverless cars to pilotless commercial freight aircraft.

The author will explain the remarkable technological developments that have led to such breakthroughs as Google Car and pilotless drones.

The talk will then go on to explore:

  • The relationship between safety and security
  • What kind of cyber attacks we can expect to be directed against these advanced modes of transport
  • What the various stakeholders are currently doing to improve the safety and reliability prospects for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles
  • What kind of public policy frameworks we need to put in place to enable and safely manage this truly transformational technology
  • Impact on other industries, such as the Insurance sector

Speaker Profile:

Bill Harpley has more than three decades of experience in Electronics, IT and Mobile Telecoms.

He has worked as a consultant for many blue-chip telco companies in both the UK and continental Europe.

He first became interested in Information Security way back in 1994. At that time, his concerns for the lack of security on the early commercial Internet led him to submit an MSC dissertation to the Open University in 1996 . Entitled Security Needs of Commercial Internet Sites: a risk management approach , it described and anticipated many of the ideas which have since become mainstream thinking in IT Security.

Always visionary and forward looking, Bill is very active on the Brighton tech scene. He is the founder of Astius Technology, which provides training and consultancy in IoT, Blockchain, Wireless Data and - in due course - 5G networks.

Bill is also the organiser of the very popular Brighton IoT Forum meetup group, which has 700+ members. He works closely with organisations such as Brighton Digital Catapult to raise awareness of emerging technologies among businesses in the Sussex area.

You can find Bill on LinkedIn

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