Challenging the ITSM Orthodoxy - Addressing Innovation and Customer Experience and AGM

When: 11th Oct 2017, 18:00 - 11th Oct 2017, 20:00
Where: Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, The Strand, London, WC2N 5HX
Town/City: London
Organiser: BCS Service Management Specialist Group
Price: Free of charge for BCS members and £10.00 for non-members
Further Information: Further Information

This meeting will be prefaced by the AGM, starting at 6.30pm and running for approximately 15 minutes. It will include a review of the last AGM minutes, reports from both the SG Chair & Treasurer and election of officers.

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Peter Johnson will share his thoughts on two key issues facing the IT service industry - innovation and customer experience. Many commentators agree that it is important for IT service to address both of these if it is to thrive in the digital age and beyond. However, IT service organisations still find it difficult to wean themselves from the old industrial and mechanistic approaches to practice, often resulting in slow, ponderous and inflexible experiences for end users. While modern practices such as DevOps, Agile and Scrum are seen as the panacea for some of these concerns, in respect of human-to-human service approaches, the sector is yet to evolve.

Peter will draw on his work psychology academic background and his recent book on this topic to argue that the old mindset at the heart of ITSM is now redundant. Peter will argue that the granting of greater staff autonomy is necessary in service environments, in order to release the innovative capacity and service passion of employees. This, he suggests, is best achieved by using autonomy alongside a new method of leveraging staff values (and yes also with a small serving of traditional control methods). The goal is high customer experience, innovation and responsiveness - and these are key to keeping IT service functions relevant into the digital future and beyond.

About the speaker:

Peter Johnson is something of a polymath. He spent his early professional life working in IT as a developer, ITSM functionary, and manager. However, for the last decade he has been doing advanced things with data for large organisations.

Perhaps of greater interest is the fact that, by education, he is a work psychologist via his studies at the universities of Sussex and Sheffield. In 2014 he published a book (Making Light Work: Rethinking the service organisation) which, although heavy on theory and work psychology, was aimed squarely at organisational behaviour in IT and other service industries.

Peter takes great pleasure in collating the overlaps and learnings from his own interdisciplinary approach to existence and sharing them with IT teams who are striving to deliver value and remain relevant in a rapidly-changing world.