Richard Stephens annual masterclass in contract law developments since 2009

When: 1st Mar 2018, 18:00 - 1st Mar 2018, 21:30
Where: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA
Town/City: London
Organiser: BCS Law Specialist Group
Price: BCS Members:£10, Non-members: £15 (Prices stated are inclusive of VAT @ 20%)
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Much more than just a law lecture, it is attended not only by lawyers, but by anyone who has any sort of contact with contracts in their work in the IT industry - so including consultants, sales executives, commercial managers, managing directors and even project managers who get involved in IT contracts. In fact just about anyone can benefit from attending if they need to keep abreast of developments in this most central of legal areas.

 Richard teases out the learning points from the principal contract law cases of the preceding 12 months, giving tips on best practice for lawyers and business professionals alike. The cases he looks at are general, taken from all areas of the law, but he directs the focus of his learning points on what people in the IT industry should be aware of.

 Richard will as usual be looking at the whole gamut of recent cases, but he will include the following matters:

  • how having dinner with a business contact could land you with a bill for €13.5 million
  • the Unfair Contract Terms Act is back on the map - what exactly are "written standard terms of business" and when will UCTA apply to your transaction?
  • the latest word on limits and exclusions of liability - how the law had done a 360 degree turn
  • how you can save an "agreement to agree"
  • what is happening to the "new" law on penalties - and how the law is being applied
  • indemnities - a recent case from the Supreme Court gives guidance on how they are applied in practice

As well as a chance to review latest developments, this is a great chance to brush up on the basics. Richard categorises the cases from offer and acceptance right the way through to termination, making it easy to follow and understand how the law is developing

About The Speaker: 
Richard Stephens FBCS FCIArb Fellow of the Society for Computers & Law. The Law Office of Richard Stephens (LORS) has been selected to appear in the list of lawyers included by “” for the UK 2017.LORS a boutique IT law practice and provider of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services. LORS counts among its clients some of the largest companies in the world as well as a wide range of SME’s all of whom value our specialist advice across a range of IT Law areas. We also link to other professionals, so can provide a complete service even for large or complex transactions. On the dispute resolution side, Richard Stephens also works as mediator, adjudicator and arbitrator in commercial cases, especially those with some sort of technology or communications aspect. In one or other of these capacities, Richard has acted in cases large and small.

To Attend Remotely:Please email Colin Pearson and include your mobile number 

Any enquiries contact: Jennifer Dean,  BSc MSc, LLB LLM CNA PTChair of LawSG, BCS,