Server as a Function. In Kotlin. Without the Server.

When: 7th Mar 2018, 18:30 - 7th Mar 2018, 20:00
Where: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA
Town/City: London
Organiser: BCS Software Practice Advancement (SPA) Specialist Group
Price: Free
Further Information: Further Information

A journey story about how we re-engineered a set of high-traffic services at a major Academic Publisher to use http4k, a Server-as-a-Function framework written in Kotlin.

We'll cover the concepts behind Server-as-a-Function, then how we extended those concepts to create http4k, which provides typesafe HTTP routing. Finally, we'll see how the new approach reinvented how we implemented microservice testing strategies, and allowed the applications to be fully Continuously Deployed.

About the Presenters

A polyglot Developer, David Denton specialises in the delivery of distributed JVM-based systems using Lean methodologies. With over 18 years experience working for clients in Finance, Telecoms and Academic Publishing, he is a firm advocate of simple, Test-Driven solutions and empowering teams to deliver them.

He is the author of multiple Open Source projects in a variety of JVM and non-JVM languages and most recently has been working extensively on http4k.

David first delivered Kotlin into a production on a major platform in summer of 2016, and has been helping teams to migrate their Java codebases to the language ever since.

Ivan Sanchez is a developer and coach with over 15 years of commercial experience. He has worked in a variety of industries and has been an advocate of Agile and eXtreme Programming practices such as TDD and Pair Programming over the last decade.

A great portion of his coding experience is in Java and in the last few years has been switching to Kotlin as his main language of choice. He's been successful delivering Kotlin code to production and is co-author of http4k: a lightweight HTTP library for Kotlin.