Are We Ready For Autonomous Vehicles?

When: 22nd Mar 2018, 18:00 - 22nd Mar 2018, 21:00
Where: BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA
Town/City: London
Organiser: Joint BCS Entrepreneurs Specialist Group, ELITE & BCS London Central Branch
Price: Free
Further Information: Further Information

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As autonomous vehicles take to our highways and science fiction morphs into science fact, some big questions arise. At this Thought Leadership event we shall attempt to address the industry, technology and political perspectives driving the AV debate.

Is the technology sufficiently robust and scalable? Will the hardware and software cope, and what happens when the operating system crashes? What are the ethics of autonomous vehicles - can a driverless car tell the difference between a child and a dog?

To help us grapple with these and other issues, we welcome our expert speakers below, from across the AV world. They will be sharing their insights and then taking part in our panel discussion on how these developments are poised to change the world.

Ajit Jaokar, Principal Data Scientist; Course leader on Data Science for IoT at Oxford University.

Ajit will set the agenda for the evening with an overview of the key issues surrounding autonomous vehicles, from both the industry and academic viewpoints.

Claudio S. De Mutiis, Data Scientist and AI Researcher

Claudio will give a deep dive into autonomous vehicles, including their development to date, the technologies and the Five Levels Of Autonomous Driving.

Maximillian Odendahl, Co-Founder and CEO at Silexica

Max will speak on the challenges faced in making the ‘supercomputers’ in autonomous vehicles work, including reducing size, power consumption and heat generation.

Silexica's SLX programming solution helps engineers to develop intelligent electronic products, such as autonomous cars, as it optimises software to run efficiently on embedded ‘supercomputers’. We thank Silexica for their generosity in sponsoring the refreshments.

Grahame Bennett, Head of Fleet, Technical and Compliance, Royal Mail

With responsibility for Royal Mail’s extensive fleet of 46,000 vehicles, Grahame will speak on their their R&D on autonomous vehicles, trialling of electric trucks, and the future as they see it.

Charlie Henderson, Partner, PA Consulting Group.

So, the technology is here and the regulations are in place: it’s not “if”, but “when”. With his extensive experience consulting in the sector, Charlie will give us his view on the bottom line.

Refreshments will be provided from the start, and after the Panel Discussion you will have the opportunity for networking.