IT Strategy - DevOps & Cloud Battle Royale...

    When: 22nd Nov 2018, 13:30 - 22nd Nov 2018, 16:30
    Where: Park Plaza Hotel, Boar Lane, City Square, Leeds, LS1 5NS
    Town/City: Leeds
    Organiser: Joint BCS ELITE & 4IT Digital Change
    Further Information: Further Information


    The latest BCS ELITE event will host an interactive debate to tackle two of the most relevant topics facing most modern companies...DevOps & Cloud.

    For each of the two topics, two speakers will present two potentially conflicting viewpoints, each making the case for their side of the argument. Following these talks, we'll open it up to audience questions and then round table debate to decide once and for all who made the most convincing case!

    Each topic will last approximately one hour, with around 30 minutes of talks, 10 minutes of speaker questions and 20 minutes of debate and the final vote.

    Debate One: ‘DevOps is all about Culture’ vs ‘DevOps is all about the Toolchain’

    DevOps remains a much misunderstood and abused term in today's tech landscape. Is DevOps about the tools and technologies you need to put in place to enable rapid, repeatable delivery and operable systems? Or is it the softer but possibly more challenging changes you need to make culturally in order to get your organisation to work effectively together? In the first debate of the event, Clem Pickering from Infinity Works will argue for the latter, laying out the case for the need to get people to adopt a different mindset and address organisational impediments, while Ian Watson from Burberry will present on why you ignore DevOps tools and technologies at your peril. While Clem and Ian know each other well there's an argument to be had but ultimately the audience will decide the winner of the debate!

    Debate Two: ‘Public cloud vs Physical infrastructure’

    Wide spread adoption of cloud has led many vendors to shift focus from on-premise solutions to cloud delivery models, giving rise to a question ‘which is best for my business’? As well as accessibility, there are a raft of other things that need to be considered when making a decision. Software ownership, cost of ownership, software updates and additional services, such as support and implementation for example. Edward Hiley and Janet Price will debate about the positives and  negatives of public cloud use vs physical infrastructure and it will be up to the delegates to decide the outcome!!

    • 1.30pm Doors open - Refreshments & Networking
    • 2.00pm Debate One: ‘DevOps is all about Culture’ (Clem Pickering from Infinity Works) ‘DevOps is all about the Toolchain’ (Ian Watson from Burberry).
    • 3.00pm Refreshments & Networking
    • 3.30pm Debate Two: "Does Cloud always have a silver lining?" (Ed Hiley and Janet Price from NHS Digital).
    • 4:30pm Close

    About the speakers:

    Clem Pickering has been involved with agile software delivery for many years under the guise of many roles, development, testing and devops. People, culture and agile approaches have remained key areas of enthusiasm throughout, as has ensuring work has a sense of fun. He now works for a tech consultancy providing coaching, training and sharing ideas whenever possible. At some point he will start a blog but he’s been saying that for years; however see @clem_pickering on Twitter.

    With over 20 years' experience in IT and software engineering, Ian Watson has spent more than 5 years of that working on DevOps transformations changing cultures, way of working, tools and processes, initially at Callcredit (now TransUnion) and now at Burberry. More importantly he's also a big fan of 90’s glam rock which is obviously a key contributor to successful DevOps transformations, in his opinion!

    Edward Hiley is a Principal Engineer with NHS Digital. Since joining NHS Digital, Edward has worked on national service such as the Data Services Platform and the Secondary Uses Service (SUS) replacement project: SUS+. SUS+ is a "ground up" full replacement of the current application that involves myriad challenges, including immutable infrastructure, distributed compute clusters, and multi data centre. Prior to joining NHS Digital, Edward was a solution architect for the Health and Social Care Information Centre and an Associate Director for the National Institute for Health and Clinical excellence.

    Janet is agile Delivery Manager and Software Engineer with over 15 years experience in technical delivery. She has worked as a consultant for most of this time on projects at a variety of scales across both the Private and Public sectors; from investment banking to several projects for NHS Digital. She enjoys both the technical and people aspects of working in software delivery. In her spare time, Janet likes to run ultra-marathons and finds the key success factors of goal setting, determination, and responsiveness have many parallels to professional life.

    To reserve your place, please email or call 0113 205 4033