Project Management in the Real World

Elizabeth Harrin

Publisher BCS
ISBN 978-1-902505-81-7
RRP £26.99
Reviewed by Len Keighley FBCS
Score 9 out of 10

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Project Management in the Real World Elizabeth Harrin uses her extensive experience in this book to show how projects in the real world can be delivered successfully. She says: 'It's for people who know the theory and feel there must easier way to get things done.'

The book is structured around five main areas of project management: budgeting, scoping, teams, planning and the project manager. These are the areas that can have the greatest impact on the success of a project and where project managers may wish to obtain help and guidance.

The book is written to allow the reader to drop in and out in order to quickly identify the information needed but it does provide the necessary detail to allow points to be quickly implemented.

However, that does not mean it is not possible to read complete sections or even the whole book; the layout provides the flexibility for use to the reader's own preference.

Within each area there are highlighted items covering hints, warnings, golden rules, definitions and my personal favourite, anecdotes. This last type emphasises the determination for the contents to be 'real world'.

This book is not for those wanting to learn the theory of project management. There are others for that. In fact as Elizabeth says '....this book is designed for those without the time to study project management theory extensively.'
Elizabeth Harrin is to be commended on the production of this book which tries to focus on the use of standards with in project management not for their own sake but for the betterment of the project and its delivery. Good common sense stuff.

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