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BCS publications span the boundaries between IT and Management, in order to provide readers with informed content in areas such as management, legal, regulatory and emerging technological issues.

The texts support the professional, academic and practical needs of both BCS members and the wider IT community, from students or those undertaking professional exams, to IT managers, and senior directors wanting to be able to talk to their IT people.

If you think that your book would fit within these aims then we would like to hear from you. The first step in preparing a new book proposal is to think clearly about the readers for whom you will be writing the book.

An author book proposal is an information document about the book that you want to publish. This is your opportunity to pitch your book idea to us, the publishers, and provide us with an insight into the quality of your material, its potential for further development, and market possibilities. It also gives you the opportunity to review the entire project and clarify the book concept.

Submitting a Book Proposal Form

You should fill in something in every section, but it is not necessary to respond to each and every sub question.

The blue text is intended as a prompt to help you refine the ideas for your book - please don't worry if you cannot answer all the questions, or don't consider them relevant to your book proposal. If there are questions for which you have not yet developed firm answers, give your best estimations.

Please return this form to the following address. Feel free to submit with this questionnaire any supporting materials which you have developed. Thank you.

Book proposal form (MS-Word)

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