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As you know, this is an extremely busy period for ECDL testing as we reach the peak of the GCSE exam season. Our dedicated Client Support team are supporting our centres through this busy period, but there are also some things that you can do to ensure your Learners have a seamless experience during this period.

1. Please refer to our online help at www.bcs.org/faqs which includes training provider user guides. Everything you need to set up and run tests can be found in these comprehensive support materials.

2. The guidance video, which outlines the administration processes relating to ECDL testing, can also be viewed as a refresher. We strongly advise that all staff involved in this exam season watch this video to ensure they have the latest information.

3. If after accessing these resources you still require one to one support, please contact our Client Support team using our Live Chat service www.bcs.org/livechat. This is the fastest and most effective way for us to support you during your testing sessions. Our Client Support Officers are ready and waiting to assist you.

Finally, we apologise for any delays you may be experiencing during this busy period. Our Client Support team are dedicated to providing all of our Approved Centres with the required support but we strongly advise that the steps above are followed to help support this busy testing period.

Email: qualifications@bcs.uk

Phone: +44 1793 417 530 - option 3 (Monday to Friday, 09:15 to 16:30 UK time)

Live chat (Approved Centres): This service has been temporarily suspended.

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